October 1, 2017

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that the porgy and sea bass fishing most of this past week was still recovering from the effects of the hurricanes, with Saturday’s trip nothing short of excellent. Limits of 45 jumbo scup with a good mix of sea bass rewarded most anglers on the trip. With the recent sea bass closure in both federal and Rhode Island waters, it’s put a little bit of a cramp on where and when we can fish for them. We keep jumping from state lines to state lines to keep it all legal. Can’t wait for it to reopen and make life a little easier for everyone. (Opens Oct. 22nd thru Dec. 31st)

The race is loaded with blues! If you’re looking for “non-stop, wear your muscles out” action, well, now’s the time! It’s so good that Capt. Matt on Sunday’s blue fish trip spent the slack pounding the porgies. We had a full boat load of patrons and they all loved the opportunity to get a different fishery and take home a nice big bag of porgy fillets besides. Monday was more of the same, we started off with porgies and sea bass during the slack tide and everyone picked away at some real nice-sized fish. Once the tide started to run, we switched to blue fish and loaded up on some big, October blues. Now is the time for some great fall fishing!

We will continue to fish daily, leaving at 7:00 am. Sundays and Mondays are for blues and bass, Tuesday through Saturday is bottom fishing. No trips on October 10, October 11, and October 18. As always, stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updated information. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Don’t forget, the very best is yet to come! We move BlackHawk over to Stonington Borough in November and will fish the remainder of the year and into January from there. It’s a short ride from Block Island and sea bass, cod & porgies will please all anglers. These trips will be limited to 35 passengers, by reservation only.

September 24, 2017

“I can’t remember when we lost 4 days in a row due to weather” reported Heather from the Bkack Hawk office. Blustery gale force winds from hurricane Jose keep the boat at the dock Tuesday through Friday. When they finally got out for Saturday’s trip, they were forced to fish locally instead of the usual Montauk – Block Island run. Capt. Matt was at the helm and fished the Race Rock and Fisher’s Island areas with decent results, despite the stiff northeast winds. Customers had to pick through the shorts, which were ferocious, but everyone had a nice cooler of sea bass with a lot of porgies. By afternoon, the winds dropped out and they were able to go to the race proper and again, had a really decent shot of keeper fish at the slack to end the trip. We pulled one out the hat ….. Black Hawk style!!

The bluefish are still chewing heavily. Last Monday’s diamond jigging trip before the blow, provided all the action you could want. As a bonus, during the slack, we picked away on the jumbo sea bass, with most everybody getting a nice pile of fillets to go home with. As of this writing, Sunday’s trip is in progress with a beautiful, calm, sunshine filled day. Once again, decent diamond jigging on the blues, with a few nice keeper striped bass mixed in. The trip is only a few hours old, so there’s plenty more hours of action yet to come!! Veterinarian Jim from the Catskills and Killer Kay from Ashford are aboard the Black Hawk today, so the fish will suffer heavy casualties at their hands!!

We don’t know what hurricane Maria has in mind for us this coming week, but stay tuned to our website and FaceBook for up to minute reports daily.

From the office, we’d like to thank everyone for their generous donations of underwear for our underwear drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. We shipped a huge load of undies down there this week, and we know they’ll be greatly appreciated by those who have lost so much. Additionally, this week, we’ll be dropping off several loads of donations at the homeless shelter and food bank, thanks to the incredible generosity of our customers. We have the best customers around!

We will continue to fish daily, leaving at 7:00 am. Sundays and Mondays are for blues and bass, Tuesday through Saturday is bottom fishing. As always, stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updated information, especially as Hurricane Maria makes her way up the coast. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!