December 30, 2018

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that on Wednesday, we put in a long one on the water. We had some wind to contend in the morning, and some fish didn't want to cooperate. We moved around a bit and found a nice pile of sea bass to work on with some pollock, ling, and bergall mixed in. We put in some overtime and made a stop on our way home and hooked up on a bunch of big cod fish at the end of the day. Overall, we managed to get a pretty good day out of it.   Thursday, however....well, there's just no way to sugarcoat it.  We put in a lot of time, made a lot of drifts and dropped the anchor on a few occasions, but the fish just would not cooperate. It was a tough grind that ended with a handful of cod, a few haddock, pollock, and bergal. We had a great group of guys who chartered the boat for their annual fishing trip, and they fished hard and put in the time and effort, it was just one of those days that didn't work out the way we wanted.   There is plenty of bait in the water, so the stage is set for things to turn around for the better and we will continue to stay on the grind until it does. We will continue to fish as the weather allows.  As always, check our website and Facebook page for updates and info.  We wish ...
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December 23, 2018

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that while we only got out one day last week, Wednesday, we couldn't have asked for a better day.  We had absolutely beautiful weather, and had a decent pick on nice codfish, a lot of ling, and a scattering of seabass, porgies and pollock.  The weather, though- it just couldn't have been any better.  Flat calm, just beautiful.  We had a great group of anglers out with us, and everyone went home with a nice pile of codfish fillets.   Heather from the office wants to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and once again say thanks for a great year.  We have the best customers around, and we're so glad for each and every one of you.  We will continue to sail as often as the weather allows, so be sure to check our website and Facebook for updates.  We look forward to seeing you soon!  ...
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December 16, 2018

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that Mother Nature and her weather systems worked against us this week. The only days we had nice weather and fished were Tuesday and Friday. We’ve been grinding away on a mix of bottom dwellers both days, with Tuesday’s trip being a little better; with a few dozen haddock, some cod, a lot of porgies and ling, and picking through a lot of short sea bass to find some keepers. We’re hoping history repeats itself like the last few years, where in about a week we had a good body of cod move into the entire area and provided some really hot cod fishing. Only time will tell! Heather from the office reminds everyone to stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for updates about trips and schedules. We hope to see you soon! ...
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December 9, 2018

What a difference a week makes, reports Capt. Greg Dubrule of the Black Hawk. The utterly fantastic fishing of last week, including the historic hit on the haddock, has diminished to a grinding pick for most of this remaining week. The haddock have all but vanished and the cod, pollock, sea bass and porgies have dropped dramatically in numbers as well. We don’t know if the wind and rough seas of the first of the week upset the apple cart or what, but something certainly did! Wednesday and Thursday trips were both a grind, culling through a lot of short sea bass. Thursday was hampered by stiff, westerly winds that didn’t help. Friday was cancelled due to winds. Saturday was more of the same; a pick throughout the day. Sunday’s trip was finally a reprieve; the winds let go and the water was flat calm, a beautiful winter's day. Fishing was better in sorts because we could drift the entire day instead of anchoring as previous days. A lot of scup, ling, a few cod fish and sea bass and a nice flurry of haddock at the end of the trip. All things considered, it was the best day of the week. Heather reminds everyone to keep looking at the weather and plan accordingly. We’ll post trips as often as possible based on the weather. Trips are limited to 35 people and are by reservation only. They do fill quickly, so be sure to grab your spot as soon as ...
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December 2, 2018

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports- Incredible Fishing!! That’s the only way to describe this past Friday's Block Island trip. It started out with some really beautiful weather and a good steady pick at anchor on sea bass, codfish and porgies. A couple of haddock came up besides. It was when we went on the drift that the real blitz began. For over 2 hours, the haddock bit like crazy!! That’s right, Haddock!! Haddock like we’ve never seen before in the Block Island region. As fast as you could get it to the bottom, they climbed on. Double headers all around the boat. When the flurry finally subsided, and things slowly got back to somewhat normal, the count was well over 200 haddock that landed in that short 2 hour window. When you add in the cod, sea bass , porgies, pollock and a few monks, it made for an exceptional trip that everyone will long remember. On board, as paying customers, were a few DEEP officials, both current and retired. They’d never seen anything like it!! Everyone went home with full coolers and great was definitely a Kodak moment!! The next day, Saturday, we were all prepared to go back to the scene of the crime, but as Facebook star CJ said in the live Facebook that day, “the crime happened yesterday.” It was another beautiful day, but the haddock bite was nothing like the day before. Everybody caught 'em; some with only a few, some with ...
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