October 7, 2018

Capt. Greg Dubrule of the Black Hawk reports another week of excellent bottom fishing. Literally, jumbo porgies and huge knot head sea bass are climbing on the baits as soon as they hit the bottom at Block Island. Customers are having no problem catching their limits and filling their coolers. A few codfish, trigger fish and even some winter flounder are also added to the mix. It’s simply excellent fishing. Saturday’s trip had quite a few families on board and the kids had a ball, with beautiful flat calm sea conditions, and "drop it to the bottom and you got em’ " fishing. This fishing bonanza will continue until the closure of the season on December 31st, so plan a trip now. Why go anywhere else? We catch em...Ask Around! We’ll be moving the Black Hawk to our winter dock in Stonington Borough around the first of November. More codfish will be showing up as the waters chill, so stay tuned to our website and Facebook page. Blue fishing still remains excellent in the Race with both both tides producing all you could want. As of this writing, Capt. Matt is out with Sunday’s trip and everyone’s catching heavy on the diamond jigs . They might have showed up a little late this year but they’re here now in numbers, so come and get em’! We’ll have night bass trips this week with the new moon. These past full moon trips have been excellent and we anticipate more of the ...
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September 30, 2018

“Bluefishing remains excellent in the Race”, reports Capt. Greg Dubrule of the Black Hawk. Diamond jigging or three-way buck tails are producing all you could want. A lot of short striped bass in the mix, with a few keepers to make it interesting. “The night big bass trips this week have been nothing short of phenomenal,” reports Capt. Matt. If you were looking for some of the best of night time striper fishing, this was the week and the Black Hawk was the boat. Thursday and Friday nights were both very good, with Friday, for some reason, having a lot of smaller keepers along with quite a few shorts. Saturday was just sensational, with almost 60 big bass caught for the 20 anglers fishing. Relax, not to worry, we kept our 20 fish limit and released the remainder unharmed to breed and fight again. It was a beautiful, calm, clear and star filled night and at times we had 4, 5, 6 fish on each drift. Couldn’t have been any better! Now, on to the bottom fishing. We missed Tuesday and Wednesday due to bad weather and Thursday and Friday, we had to stay local, fishing the Watch Hill reefs. A lot of tide and the regulars with braid line had no problem filling their coolers with porgies; not the monster size of Block Island, but enough to keep everyone happy. Friday was tough; torrential rain made it miserable in the morning. The hardy 28 customers endured it through. Sea ...
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September 23, 2018

Sunday and Monday’s blue fishing trips in the Race showed excellent results diamond jigging, reports Capt. Matt of the Black Hawk. Some of these brutes were in the 14 to 16 pound range, really testing our customers' muscles. Fortunately, there are other adjacent areas where the blues are a little smaller and friendlier which helps to break up the day. During the slack, we’ve been dropping the sea clams down and picking away on the sea bass and a few porgies. These bottom fish are definitely moving at a fast rate to the east, much earlier this year than they usually do. It’s going to make local bottom fishing tough in the weeks to come. Why they keep moving is a mystery! The good news is they’re all east bound for the Montauk-Block Island fall fishing areas. This past week, we lost Tuesday’s trip due to bad weather, but Wednesday and Thursday had plenty of action, with limits of jumbo scup and big sea bass. A few cod fish were also coming over the rails, pleasing all hands. On Friday, for some reason, they didn't want to bite like Wednesday or Thursday, but we put in some overtime and still ended up with a good number of fish. Saturday’s trip was a little nautical, with stiff winds and choppy seas. We had a full boat charter and the hardy anglers that stayed at the rails were rewarded with coolers full of scup, sea bass and a few cod. As it ...
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September 16, 2018

"Blue fishing still remains excellent in the Race and adjacent areas”, stated Capt. Greg Dubrule of the BlackHawk. Tuesday afternoon, the Black Hawk had our annual “Hooked Up with a Vet” trip, as a show of appreciation for their service. The diamond jigging was fast and furious on the bluefish. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all; flat, calm conditions, great fishing, even a colorful sunset. Most of the veterans live in the Rocky Hill Veterans Home, and are really limited for enjoying recreational activities. They greatly appreciate their annual trip and we appreciate their willingness to have served our country. Many local businesses and organizations help sponsor this trip; the NorthEast Saltwater Fishing Club, Peter Pan Bus Lines, Glastonbury and Westbrook Elks Clubs, Thurston Foods, and Power Ink, just to name a few. Thank you so much to everyone involved that helps in making this day possible. As a footnote, we just spoke with Capt. Matt via phone this Sunday morning and he reported he’s currently in the Race and the diamond jigging is excellent!! The bottom fishing this week was hampered by wind and a big ground heave that turned the water a chocolate milk color. Unfortunately, we lost a few days and because of these conditions, Friday’s trip was a struggle. We put in a lot of overtime, went to a lot of productive spots but most fish simply had lockjaw. Everybody caught, but nowhere like what we’ve been accustomed to all summer long. Production on the ...
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September 9, 2018

“We’ve been waiting and hoping the entire 2018 for consistent, knock your socks off action on the bluefish and we’ve finally got it.....better late then never”, reports Capt. Greg Dubrule of the Black Hawk. For the past three weeks, the bluefish have been thick in the Race, chewing in both tides and providing non-stop action. If you’re looking for some great diamond jigging, well, now's the time and the Black Hawk is your boat. Quite a charge of short striped bass in the mix along with an occasional keeper or two. Leave the mower, put the paint brush down and get ready for a fun filled day of great fishing. Don’t just read the fishing reports; come out and make the reports. Now that the bonus party-boat season in the sea bass and porgies is here, Black Hawk customers are having little problem getting their quotas. “It’s just simply phenomenal fishing,” reports Capt. Matt.   The very best of the sea bass and the very best of the porgies and fluke are in two distinctly different areas. Go to one in the right tide, catch your limits. Then go to the other and repeat.  On Thursday, George Gonsalves, former producer  of the Hartford Fishing and Hunting Expo, teamed up with fishing partner Dave Burnett, owner of Salem Country Gardens in Salem, CT, to experience fishing on a party boat for the first time and were blown away by the results. “We never realized that a party boat could be so much fun ...
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