September 2, 2018

Heather from the Black Hawk office reports another week of excellent fishing. The Saturday, September 1st opening of the bonus season for sea bass and porgies went off in spectacular holiday fashion. Capt. Matt started off with a full boat load of eager customers in the Montauk area with excellent porgy fishing and then went east to the sea bass grounds and continued filling limits with sea bass. This bonus season for party and charter boats allows customers to take 45 porgies and 7 sea bass per angler. During the week, customers that targeted fluke were rewarding in a lot of decent fish. Thursday's trip was exceptional, with everyone getting their limit of seabass, nearly everyone their limit of porgies, and some nice big fluke mixed in as well. Weekly customer Richie, from Niantic, fishes every Thursday and won the pool with a nearly 10 lb fluke, after getting his limit on the sea bass and scup. Whenever he wins the pool, the dollars go back to the mates, as they do when many regulars win. Good going Richie, we'll see you Thursday! The fishing doesn't get better than this! After a very slow start this year, the blue fishing remains excellent for the past two weeks. Diamond jigging is the way to go and customers can literally catch as many as they want or until their arms give out. The After Work Special trips on both Thursday and Friday were fantastic, with all the bluefish you could want and ...
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August 26, 2018

The arrival of consistent diamond jigging on the bluefish tops the leader board this week, reports Capt. Greg of the Black Hawk. A good charge of fish have taken up residence in the Race this week, providing some dynamite action for all hands. The mid-week afternoon charters were arm weary, easily getting their limits if they wanted, and releasing dozens more. It's the best of the 2018 season so far, and we hope it lasts! Saturday afternoon's trip had a cooler full of jumbo sea bass for everyone on board, in addition to the blues. The bottom fishing trips, targeting sea bass, porgies and fluke, still remain excellent. Summer might be winding down with the kids back in school soon, but the fishing is gonna remain hot for months to come. Plan your trip now to load the freezers with prime fillets. Heather from the office reports that our schedule is now 7 days a week, sailing at 7am. We'll be bottom fishing most days, and going for the blues and bass on Sundays and Mondays when conditions permit. Our After Work Specials continue for another two weeks, so be sure to grab a spot before they are done for the year. We had a beautiful night last Saturday for our 5th annual sunset cruise with the WARM Center from Westerly, RI. We have two more sunset cruises coming up, on September 1 for Journey Found and September 8 for the friends of Scotland Elementary School. We'd love to have ...
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August 19, 2018

"I hate to sound repetitive on every weekly report, but the bottom fishing continues to be nothing less than spectacular," reports Capt. Greg of the Black Hawk.   The charge of jumbo porgies that are inhabiting the entire Montauk area are the likes of which we've never seen.  Customers are having a ball getting their limits. As a bonus, for the last couple of weeks, when the tide is just right, there's a good shot of fluke to be had.  Customers that switched rigs over and fished the right tide "window" were rewarded with a lot of 4 to 7 pounders, with the largest of the week weighing in at nearly 10 pounds. Although there is a mix of seabass with the porgies and fluke, the main body of them is more east.  And that's exactly where we head the second half of the day.  The sea bass are big knot heads. On the Black Hawk, we've never spared time, fuel or energy providing our loyal customers with simply the best fishing our areas have to offer. The sea bass fishing is no exception- we will go the extra mile.  Limits of sea bass have been rounding out our daily trips. Our customers, who have been ranging far and wide from Maryland to Maine, are overjoyed with the extra effort providing them with the best New England fishing. The local bluefishing, on the other hand,  has been, and continues to be, a real source of aggravation. At times it seems like ...
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August 12, 2018

Heather from the Black Hawk office reports that it's another bonanza week on the jumbo porgies, monster sea bass, and door mat fluke. A good mix of hard fighting trigger fish are in the mix as well. Patrons are going away with full coolers and a lot of smiles. It doesn't seem to matter the tide or weather conditions, drop it to the bottom and you got 'em. Iris from Harley, NY came on Friday's trip and caught her limit of both porgies and seabass, then switched over to fluke and ended up with 4 nice keepers to 8 1/2 pounds. It you change rigs and target the fluke, there are some really nice fish to be caught. School will be starting sooner than you think, so get the kids together and come on down. Now's the time to make some lasting memories with your children of all ages! Congratulations are also in order for the Black Hawk's own Mike Salkauskas, who went shark fishing with some friends on their private boat and caught a 235 thresher shark, and released another. Great job Mike! From the office, Heather reminds everyone that we are sailing Monday through Friday at 7am (no trip August 16). Weekends continue to have two trips, leaving at 6am and 1pm, through the rest of August. After work special trips are Thursdays and Fridays at 4pm, with reservations strongly suggested, as these trips usually fill up. Stay tuned for more night bass trips to be posted soon, ...
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August 5, 2018

The porgy and seabass fishing just continues to be out of this world, reports Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk. Full coolers of jumbo porgies with limits of huge seabass and a few fluke delight customers of all ages. If you're looking to share an action packed day with your children or grandchildren, now is the time, and the Black Hawk is your boat. Fast, clean, comfortable and catering to families. It's no wonder we were voted Connecticut's number 1 party boat 4 years in a row. Come and see the difference. The bluefishing remains inconsistent, some tides it is red hot for a few hours, then next tide is a slow pick. We're gearing our trips accordingly, when conditions are right and we can show our customers an action packed trip, we'll do it. An example is our trips last Saturday. The morning trip went to Montauk and had a great time on the sea bass and porgies. Saturday afternoon Capt. Matt had the right tide conditions, and the bluefish bit very well, pleasing all hands. During the slack, he broke out the bottom rods and did a little combo fishing on the porgies and seabass. We'll do what it takes to give our customers a successful trip. We catch 'em, ask around. Heather from the office reports that we had another beautiful sunset cruise on Saturday night, this time for Ray of Light Farm. Though it rained on and off during the day, the sun broke through just ...
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