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2016 Trout-a-Thon Tournament Winner! Connecticut deep sea fishing

2016 Trout-a-Thon Tournament Winners! Connecticut deep sea fishing

2016 Trout-a-Thon Tournament Winner! Connecticut deep sea fishing

Some of the many winners from the

2016 Trout-a-Thon Tournament

Black Hawk Party Sport Fishing Boat - Tagged Trout Promotion, Connecticut deep sea fishing

Here is our $5,000.00 winner in last year’s Connecticut “Tagged Trout Promotion”.


This year, it will be bigger and better with more sponsors, more prizes and a lot more tagged trout. We will be tagging trout, not only throughout CT’s ponds and streams, but also in a Massachusetts pond. Stay tuned to our website for updates, details and our “free” entry information, as the opening of trout season draws nearer.

2016 Trout tournament rules

  1. Anglers must have a valid 2016 Connecticut and/or Massachusetts freshwater fishing license for whichever state they are fishing in.  All participants and fish must comply with all rules and regulations of the State of Connecticut and its Department of Energy & Environmental Protection governing the recreational harvest of fish or if fishing in Massachusetts waters, must comply with the rules and regulations of the State of Massachusetts and its Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.
  1. Fish must be captured alive beginning on Saturday, April 9, 2016, the opening day of the Connecticut trout fishing season. Massachusetts anglers will start on the same date. All tagged trout will be stocked a few days prior to the above date. Fish must be caught on standard rod and reel with hook and line. No netting, shocking, or any other methods are allowed.  The contest will run for 30 days, ending at on Saturday, May 7, 2016.  All tagged fish must be reported to the Black Hawk prior to this time to be eligible for a prize.
  1. Tags are bright fluorescent yellow, approximately 2 ½ inches long. Each tag has the word “Reward” printed on it, along with a tag number and the website: www.BlackHawkSportFishing.com To claim a prize, you do not need the actual fish, only the tag with the number. Fish may be released to fight again, after the tag has been sniped off, if the angler so desires.
  1. To be eligible for additional Big Cash bonuses and prizes in both states, anglers must be signed up on two of the sponsor email lists prior to 5:00 am on Saturday, April 9, 2016, the opening day of Connecticut’s trout fishing season. Go to these websites and sign up:



        A child may use the email address of a parent, relative or guardian, provided notification has been sent to the Blackhawk               prior to 5:00 am on Saturday, April 9, 2016. The notification can be a simple email to the Blackhawk stating “My child/grandchild etc. _____________________ will be fishing with me during this fishing season. My email address _____________________ will be used as his/hers as they do not have their own.” You may also register a child’s email address on the Blackhawk and Fisherman’s World websites, if they have their own address.

  1. Fishermen can catch and claim more than one (1) tagged trout. Please contact the Blackhawk office at 1-800-382-2824 as soon as possible after you catch a tagged trout. When and how soon you call can make a big difference. For example: The party boat Blackhawk is sponsoring a set number of fish. The first one caught and phoned in, out of the total number of fish, is worth a $250.00 shopping spree at Fisherman’s World Tackle Shop and carries with it a $250.00 cash bonus, if the angler is signed up on the Blackhawk’s email list.
  1. No sponsors, or sponsor’s employees, past or present, family members, agents, organizations or companies involved in this promotional event are eligible to win. No professional fishermen are allowed.. A professional fisherman is defined as anyone who is currently, or has been within the last year, in the fishing industry or pursues as a profession; profits and/or gains from the fishing industry. Examples; fishing guides, tackle shop owners, etc. The Blackhawk’s determination is final.  All decisions of the tournament committee are final and not subject to appeal.
  1. Names and likenesses of winners may be used by Blackhawk or any other sponsors for promotional purposes without further compensation due to winner.
  1. PRIZE WINNERS are solely responsible for payment of any applicable taxes, fees and costs associated with said prize. There is over $15,000 in possible cash and prizes,  all of which may not be paid out or received by participants/entrants. Prizes awarded/paid out will depend on the compliance with all rules and regulations of the tournament.

If any individuals or businesses would like to participate in this event as a sponsor, please contact the party boat Blackhawk at blackhawkfishing@gmail.com or 800-382-2824.

This promotional event is intended to encourage more individuals to get outdoors and fish,

especially our children

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The first trout caught of the Trout-A-Thon was caught at Mount Tom in Litchfield, by Brian S. of Bristol, CT, and was worth a $250 shopping spree at Fisherman’s World in Norwalk, CT.

In addition, Jino D., fishing in the Norwalk River, caught a tagged trout worth a $600 Raymarine Dragonfly sonar unit.

Dozens of other fish are coming in steadily, so keep an eye open for those tags. Good luck!


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