June 18, 2017

Heather reports from the office of the Black Hawk another week of excellent porgy fishing. The boat has been going to the Montauk grounds where the scup are thick and have ferocious appetites. The Father's Day weekend was hampered somewhat by thick fog but Saturday's trip was probably the best of the week with doubleheaders of huge slob porgies coming over the rails. Sunday's trip was more of the same.  The holiday crowd had no problem loading up. It was great to see all the dads out there, fishing with their kids. Still a lot of bait milling around the entire Montauk area, with a lot of bluefish activity, some bass and throw back sea bass. Don't forget, New York sea bass opens June 27th, so we can start keeping 'em instead of throwing them back. The three night bass trips this week, again, had consistent fishing with Monday night's trip the best with fish limits and fish to 40 lbs. We always have the biggest of high-dollar pools on these exclusive trips and Wednesday night was no exception with the largest of the week at $450. A pretty good payout by anyone's standard. On Friday nights 4 pm to 10 pm After Work Special trip, we stayed in the Race due to weather. There are not a lot of bluefish in our local area yet but the diamond jigging produced a lot of bass to just over 30 lbs. with a lot of "shorts" mixed in. Don't forget, these trips are limited to 30 passengers by ...
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June 11, 2017

Capt. Greg at the Black Hawk reports another week of great fishing with excellent catches of porgies, bass, and bluefish. Monday, we had the VIP fishing tournament on board; the Visually Impaired Persons Fishing Tournament, sponsored by the Berlin Lions Club. It's our 3rd year working with the Lions Club and everyone on board had a great time with plenty of action and loads of big porgies. Wednesday's trip was a one drop spot at Montauk with good, steady action all day. Sharpies had no problem filling their coolers. Big bass trips on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights were nothing short of fabulous. With Capt. Matt at the helm, they had all the action you could ask for: full boat limits on all three nights, fish to just short of 50 lbs, nice weather...simply great fishing. Remember, these trips are in high demand and by reservation only, so call and book your spot for upcoming nights now. Check our calendar for dates and times. Friday's 4-10 "After Work Special" trip was another slam-dunk of the week. We steamed right down to the elbow off Montauk and crushed the bluefish and bass on diamond jigs. Fishermen were arm weary after 15 rounds of this heavyweight battle. We'll be doing these trips every week, and they are limited to only 30 fishermen by reservation only. So, if you don't like crowded shoulder to shoulder party boat fishing, then these are the trips for you. Saturday & Sunday's weekend trips were back at ...
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June 4, 2017

Another overall excellent week of fishing reports Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk. Sunday saw a full boatload of eager fishermen and they weren't disappointed with a full limit of scup. Monday was a little difficult; stiff easterly winds and bone-chilling rain made for simply miserable conditions. Those that were dressed for it and endured the cold got their limit, but quite a few gave in to the heat of the cabin, along with some hot chocolate and coffee. Wednesday we had another nice load of people and had our boat limit by 12 noon. Whenever we catch em' good, we try to spend a little time and do some fluke fishing to mix it up. Sometimes we catch a few nice ones, and sometimes only shorts. It all depends on how the porgies bite and what tide conditions we have. Thursday we had a retirement charter, a combination sunset cruise/seal watch trip. Fortunately for them, it was the best weather of the week; bright sunshine and flat calm. The porgies are definitely spawning out and are on the move to their summer grounds. Friday and Saturday morning we went to Montauk on an exploratory mission for the first time to see what was up. Much larger scup; I mean big scup, 3 to 4 pounds. Fishermen that had a little braid and could fish in the tide clobbered them. Friday turned out to be the better day with easy limits for some. Quite a few throwback sea bass with ...
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May 28, 2017

Capt. Greg of the Black Hawk reports another banner week of jumbo porgy fishing. Tuesday, we had a light crowd and hot fishing, getting our limits and then going fluke fishing. Wednesday's trip was a repeat, clobbering the scup, filling everybody up and then adding a few fluke to the mix. On Wednesday nights bass trip, they really chewed!! Capt. Matt had the honors of starting off first with our specialty hammered diamond jigs and then switching over to bucktails at dusk. To say it was an excellent striped bass fishing would be an understatement!! Everyone carefully threw back keepers and shorts alike; looking for that one to win the big money pool. They left 'em biting and easily got their full boat limit. Friday was another scheduled porgy trip with Capt. Matt again at the helm. The tide was right for a couple of bonus drifts on the bass on the way out. And yup, you guessed it, Bingo! Some nice bass started the trip off. Porgies once again cooperated when he anchored up with great action and full limits of Jumbo Blackhawk Scup! Not trying to be repetitious but Memorial Day weekend showed up more of the same.... nice full boat of customers and full limits of scup all around. As of this writing, it's Sunday late morning and the Black Hawk is once again working on a full boat limit. With our huge chum pot down and working, along with the tide starting to ease off, the ...
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May 21, 2017

"It was a week of great fishing with a big variety," reports Capt. Greg of the BlackHawk. This past Wednesday was opening day of the fluke season and the Black Hawk took full advantage of it. Some customers easily had their limits with fish just over 5 lbs. and a lot of action with shorts and some bluefish mixed in. Friday's porgy trip was a little delicate; decent fishing but you had to work at it. As usual, the more experienced anglers fared the best, with a lot of bluefish mixed in. Friday night's trip was a slam dunk. Once we got anchored up, put the chum out and lit the place up, the action started and it was literally non-stop. An all out blitz on the bluefish, with customers arm weary by the end of the trip. Great weather, flat calm and gorgeous. And if you've never seen it, the Peconic-Shelter Island area is so scenic, especially at sundown. We have another one of these bonus trips scheduled for this Friday, May 26th, leaving the dock at 5:00 pm, so don't miss out. Call today. Speaking of the "lighting it up", this year the Blackhawk has installed high output LED lights made by DuraBrite. These are the same lights used by the crab boats on the popular TV series the "Deadliest Catch." When I co-hosted a seminar in Richfield, CT with Sig Hansen, Capt. of the Northwestern, in conversation on the lighting, he suggested these lights and boy, he wasn't kidding. If any fishermen are looking for the ...
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