May 21, 2017

"It was a week of great fishing with a big variety," reports Capt. Greg of the BlackHawk. This past Wednesday was opening day of the fluke season and the Black Hawk took full advantage of it. Some customers easily had their limits with fish just over 5 lbs. and a lot of action with shorts and some bluefish mixed in. Friday's porgy trip was a little delicate; decent fishing but you had to work at it. As usual, the more experienced anglers fared the best, with a lot of bluefish mixed in. Friday night's trip was a slam dunk. Once we got anchored up, put the chum out and lit the place up, the action started and it was literally non-stop. An all out blitz on the bluefish, with customers arm weary by the end of the trip. Great weather, flat calm and gorgeous. And if you've never seen it, the Peconic-Shelter Island area is so scenic, especially at sundown. We have another one of these bonus trips scheduled for this Friday, May 26th, leaving the dock at 5:00 pm, so don't miss out. Call today. Speaking of the "lighting it up", this year the Blackhawk has installed high output LED lights made by DuraBrite. These are the same lights used by the crab boats on the popular TV series the "Deadliest Catch." When I co-hosted a seminar in Richfield, CT with Sig Hansen, Capt. of the Northwestern, in conversation on the lighting, he suggested these lights and boy, he wasn't kidding. If any fishermen are looking for the ...
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May 14, 2017

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that Friday's porgy trip started with a delicate pick and stayed that way for most of the day. At times a few flurries, a few double headers that made it look like it would bust open. Saturday's trip was a lot more consistent, with some good changes of fat porgies to 3 1/2 lbs. Regular sharpies had their limits (30) with the rest averaging about half. The bite this year has been unusually delicate. Why? We don't know, but smaller hooks and smaller fresh baits have been working much better. As always, braid is the way to go. A few bluefish, fluke, weakfish and striped bass have all mixed in with 'em. Unfortunately, due to the heavy winds and the forecast of torrential downpours, Sunday's Mother's Day trip was canceled. Hopefully we'll have some better weather in the coming weeks so all those moms can enjoy a day on the boat. Speaking of bluefish, they've invaded some of the Greenport areas. Plenty of bunker to keep them here awhile, and simply great diamond jigging action. With fluke opening on the 15th, there's tons of fishing action. The best is yet to come on the porgies, so stay tuned to our website and follow us on FaceBook, Twitter for reports, pics and videos, along with our upcoming specialty night trips. Heather from the office reports that right now we're fishing on Saturdays and Sundays, with some weekday trips mixed in as well. Be sure ...
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March 2017

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that we had a great weekend in Suffern, NY at the World Fishing and Outdoor Expo.  It was great to see so many of our regular customers there, as well as meet some new people who we hope to see this season. We're just finishing up our winter maintenance, and hope to be fishing next weekend.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page, website and Twitter, as we will post when we're sailing. The Black Hawk is honored to once again be nominated for the "Best Charter Fishing Boat" in The Day's 2017 "Best Of" contest.  Be sure to check it out and vote! ...
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January 29, 2017

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that we had some great late fall codfishing, right up until about mid-January. With this wind, we didn't get out at all this past week. We'd like to thank all of our loyal customers for fishing with us this year, it was a great season! The Black Hawk is scheduled to get hauled out at Crocker's Boatyard this week for routine annual maintenance. The hull will be pressure washed, waxed and polished; a few coats of bottom paint applied, etc. We plan on doing some work inside the cabin, including adding 2 more fiberglass dinette tables with bench seating. With Coast Guard inspections all made up to date, we plan on being back in the water well in time for March & April cod fishing. Yes, we'll miss February, but it's the worst weather month and historically the slowest fishing. We look forward to seeing all our customers at the upcoming boat and sport shows. First one is the Hartford Boat Show, February 9 through the 12th. Visit our website to see our complete schedule of sports shows. We'll be giving seminars at all of them. Hope to see you all there ...
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January 22, 2017

Capt. Greg shares that one thing about the Black Hawk fishing reports is that they'll be the honest truth. Good, bad or indifferent, you'll always get the straight scoop. This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, it was a grind. Ironically, this past midweek was really good. Thursday it was lights out, as good as it gets. Friday Capt. Matt had some great fishing the first couple of hours, then it fell on its face. Every boat out there caught a handful of codfish the remainder of the day. Saturday, with a full boatload of cod fishermen, all the boats went steaming down to the last week's hot spot, only to find that it wasn't gonna happen. One head boat came all the way from New Jersey! You can't make 'em bite! Matt ended up steaming to an offshore wreck where he corralled 25-30 codfish, with a lot of shorts, and a good pile of ling, some of them baseball bat sized. Not the best by any means, but the best for that day. Sunday, he was going back to the same wreck. Tomorrow, Monday, it's supposed to blow an Easterly gale, so who knows. We'll keep trying. Many thanks to all of our supporting customers! Heather from the office reminds everyone that we're fishing from Stonington. All trips require reservations, so call the office to get a spot. As always, check our website and Facebook page for more info and details ...
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