The Catch


Porgy - Catch
Porgy, also known as scup, typically arrive in early May. Porgies are feisty bottom feeders that travel in large schools.  We catch them in waters that range from 25 to over 100 feet deep.  Fishing for porgy is an excellent eating fish and a great way to acquaint children into the sport of fishing. Also, the State of Connecticut offers a bonus season in the fall where you can really catch a large number of them and customers go home with a cooler full of   filets.

Blue Fish

Blue fish - Catch
They are a very aggressive and strong fighting fish with a mouthful of sharp teeth; capable of inflicting an injuring bite. Bluefish are found in a wide variety of places; near shore, as well as in deep water, and are caught mid-May through late October. There are many methods used to catch bluefish, but aboard the Black Hawk we use diamond jigs. The average bluefish is 6 to 8 lbs, but they can reach up to 18 lbs.

Striped Bass

Striper - Catch
Stripers are one of the grandest of salt-water game fish. Found everywhere; from rivers and shoreline areas to deep water reefs and ledges. On the Black Hawk, various methods are used for catching stripers. Diamond jigs and bucktails are the most popular. The average weight of a striper is 5 to 20 lbs., but they can reach  over 70 lbs.


Cod - catch
We fish for cod during the early to late fall. They are a white meat fish and excellent eating. Cod frequent offshore wrecks and can be found on rocky and gravel bottoms. They are bottom feeders and our bait preference is sea clams, diamond jigs, and tubes. The average weight of codfish is 4 to 15 lbs, but they can weigh as much as 60 lbs.

Sea Bass

Seabass - Catch
One of the best eating fish in New England, sea bass are caught late summer thru December. They are bottom feeders that inhabit rocky areas, wrecks, ledges and gravel drop offs. Their average weight runs from ½ lb to 7 or 8 lbs. Fresh sea clams or squid are the most popular bait.


Blackfish - CatchTrue bottom feeders, Tautog, also known as Blackfish are a white meat fish and excellent for eating. They inhabit the rockiest and roughest of hard bottom. They are a finicky fish at times and one of the most difficult for the novice fisherman to catch. There are several types of bait the Black Hawk uses to catch tautog. Green crabs and hermit crabs are the most popular.


Fluke - Catch
The favorite of summertime fishing, fluke are fun to catch and excellent to eat. They are a flat fish and inhabit sandy and gravel bottoms that butts up against rocky areas. Fluke are one of the most sought after fish, both recreationally and commercially. When fishing for fluke on the Black Hawk, types of bait vary. Fresh squid, spearing, and sand eels are the most popular.


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