October 21, 2019

Heather from the Black Hawk office reports that things picked up last Monday after the storm. We had a few days of good fishing before the next storm came in and kept us tied up for a few days. Tuesday’s trip was the highlight of the week- we had a private charter who wanted to go for some bluefish, and what a day we had! Loads of blues, a few stripers, and seabass too. Definitely the highlight of the week. We were able to get Wednesday’s trip in before the conditions started to deteriorate, with the winds picking up as the day went on.

Like everyone else, we stayed at the dock on Thursday and Friday, before returning to the grounds on Saturday. It was a bit of a tough trip- we found some piles of fish, but everyone had to work at it. Those who fished hard went home with solid catch of fish. Nothing like before the storms, but not bad for the first day back. It should get better and better as things calm down after the high winds.

We plan on fishing daily through October- check our website for updates, as there are a few days when we have private charters and aren’t available for open trips. At this time of year, it’s always a good idea to call the day before your trip as well, to check on weather conditions and updates. We’ll continue to fish in November as well, and our schedule will be posted soon, so stay tuned. All trips starting November 1 are very weather-dependent and by reservation only. As always, check our website and Facebook page for updates and details.

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