July 28, 2019

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports a week of simply fantastic porgy fishing. Saturday saw the most gigantic, ferocious, dominating porgies you’ve ever seen.  Drop it to the bottom and you got ’em.  Unbelievable fishing.

There are seabass mixed in with ’em, but on the all day trips, the majority of the seabass are in a different area.  So, what we try to do on the full day trips is  go get the porgies first, then go over and get the seabass.  Boat limits all around for both porgies and seabass on most trips.

Heather from the Black Hawk office reports that we had a great sunset cruise fundraiser Saturday night.  The Coast Guard Eagle was docked in New London, so we were able to get a close up view.  Everyone had a great time.  Don’t forget, we hold sunset cruises every Saturday night as fundraisers for various organizations.  Join us on one this summer!

We continue to fish daily, with weekday trips leaving at 7am and weekends at 6am and 1pm.  We also have our special “Summer Seal Watch” trips coming up on August 7 and August 20. These are fundraisers for various non-profit groups in the area, so grab your tickets before they’re sold out.
We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

July 21, 2019

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that our night bass trips this week were a little bit picker than we were used to over the last few weeks. We’re still getting some nice fish, but we didn’t get the full boat limits we were accustomed to. Some of the nights were so crowded with boats I can understand why they didn’t bite. We’re looking forward to more trips coming up.

Locally, the bluefishing is still slow. That’s one of the reasons we’re sticking to the bottom fishing over at Montauk every trip. When the bluefishing improves enough, we’ll certainly start diamond jigging on them. I know there’s a lot of people who want to go, so stay tuned.

Bottom fishing remains excellent on both tides on all trips. Limits of porgies and sea bass all around. We’ve had some great kids out on the boat lately, who have been having a great time. Now’s the time to bring your kids fishing!

Heather from the office reports that we had a great turnout for our annual “Christmas in July” fireworks cruise. We collected loads of toys and books to be distributed to local children. We’ve added two very special trips, our first “Summer Seal Watches”. As part of our Black Hawk and the Community Program, these will be fundraisers for various non-profit organizations. Check our website for details and info.

As always, check our website and Facebook page for updates and info. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

July 14, 2019

Heather from the Black Hawk office reports another week of great fishing.  On our day trips, we had excellent porgy and seabass fishing, with most customers easily getting their limit of jumbo porgies and seabass.  Special congrats go out to 6 year old Brendan, who celebrated his 6th birthday by catching his first fish with us!  Congrats, Brendan and we hope to see you again soon!   We were also excited to have the junior anglers from Big Doug’s Memorial Saltwater Shootout fish with us on Saturday and Sunday.  They had a great time and we were thrilled to be able to introduce fishing to some youngsters who have never fished before!

Our After Work Special trips were successful this week, with a good mix of bass and blues, along with some seabass and porgies during the slack tide.  These trips head out on most Thursdays and Fridays at 4pm, and reservations are strongly recommended, as space is limited.

We’ve got some more night bass trips coming up this week, so stay tuned next week for the report on those.  We’re looking forward to some great trips.

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us on the Sailfest fireworks cruise last Saturday.  We had a great time, and collected over 2,000 diapers for the Riverfront Children’s Center.  We are looking forward to our “Christmas in July” trip for the Celebrate East Lyme fireworks trip next Saturday.  As always, thanks to everyone for supporting our Black Hawk and the Community Program and helping us to help the local community.

We continue to fish daily, leaving at 7am Monday-Friday, with 2 trips each Saturday and Sunday, leaving at 6am and 1pm.  We have a few dates left for charters in July and August, but they’re filling up fast.  As always, check our Facebook page and website for updates and reports.  We look forward to seeing you soon!