December 23, 2018

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that while we only got out one day last week, Wednesday, we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  We had absolutely beautiful weather, and had a decent pick on nice codfish, a lot of ling, and a scattering of seabass, porgies and pollock.  The weather, though- it just couldn’t have been any better.  Flat calm, just beautiful.  We had a great group of anglers out with us, and everyone went home with a nice pile of codfish fillets.  

Heather from the office wants to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and once again say thanks for a great year.  We have the best customers around, and we’re so glad for each and every one of you.  We will continue to sail as often as the weather allows, so be sure to check our website and Facebook for updates.  We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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