November 18, 2018

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that Monday, Veterans Day, has solid fishing on the sea bass at Block Island; a good mix of porgies and a few cod and pollock. Thursday’s trip was a 50/50 marathon, leaving the dock at 5:00 AM and getting in at 5:00 PM. The weather was excellent and Capt. Matt crushed the sea bass once again, with a good mix of cod, porgies and pollock besides. This was only the first half of the trip. When everyone’s limits were met, we shifted over to the blackfish and it was “Lights Out- a One Drop Stop.” After vacuuming off all the short sea bass, the togs took over. Simply red hot fishing; drop that crab to the bottom and you got ’em!  Everyone on board limited out; a real fun day with a great bunch of happy customers and an action packed day of fishing.

Saturday’s trip was unfortunately a grind. Gale force winds and rough sea conditions on Friday churned everything up and disrupted the bite everywhere. We had a full boat charter from New Jersey of die-hard fishermen who simply would not quit. Capt. Matt put in the extra time needed and everyone went home with a good mix of sea bass, cod, porgies, pollock and ling.

Most boats are unfortunately hanging it up for the season with the real fishing getting to be Red Hot. We’re going to be seeing more and more codfish showing up on these trips as the early winter season progresses.

The Black Hawk will be sailing every day on a weather related schedule. We’ll be sailing out of Noank Shipyard, which puts us closer to the Block Island fishing grounds. These trips are limited and by reservation only. Book on line on on our website and come out and see some of the very best fishing on one of the very best boats. Come see the difference.

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