February 11, 2018

It was a busy week for the Black Hawk! On Friday, Capt. Matt went on an exploratory mission with just the mates. They went offshore to some far away wrecks, but didn’t find that much – just a little handful of cod, some ling, and a lot of seabass that needed to be returned to the water. Then they jumped around just just trying to find something. Saturday’s trip was just a grind- one boat did pretty darn good on a far away wreck to the Southeast, but everybody else from all the boats struggled. The codfish didn’t bite where we had been fishing, west of Coxes Ledge. We had nice weather, so in another attempt to try to put something together Matt took off for a far away wreck that hadn’t been hit. We put in a lot of effort for a handful of cod fish, some ling, and again some nice seabass that we couldn’t keep.

Given the current conditions, we’re going to hold off on fishing for the next week or so until we can find some body of crowd pleasing codfish. In the meantime, we’re going to do some spring maintenance in hopes that it is going to be better in the upcoming weeks. Last April, we had a pretty good shot of ’em for a few weeks, and we’re hoping the same thing happens this year.

We were at the Hartford Boat Show this weekend, Thursday through Sunday, and had a great time seeing old friends and meeting some ones. We had Walter, our white shark, there with us and the kids loved seeing him and getting a chance to “fight like a fish”.

On Saturday, while the boat was out, the boat was out fishing, we had a crew in Hartford, and Capt. Greg was a seminar speaker at the Saltwater Sportsmen’s National Seminar Series in Bridgeport. What a busy day for the Black Hawk!

On Saturday, February 24, we’re pleased to once again be hosting a seal watch fundraiser for the New London Maritime Society. Tickets are selling out fast, so be sure to grab a spot before they’re all sold out. Check our website for details.

As usual, stay tuned to our website and to Facebook for updates and information. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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