December 31, 2017

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports, “Absolutely, without a doubt, the coldest, toughest day that we’ve ever had, probably in my career- and I used to commercial fish in the wintertime. Absolutely terrible on Friday, December 29. Bitter cold- it was hard to stay at the rail for any length of time. We did catch a few cod, a few seabass, a few scup, but it was simply unmerciful. Saturday, the following day, it was about 25 degrees out and it felt like a heatwave. Fishing was much better, mostly because people could stay at the rail. We had some nice codfish up to 15 pounds, we had some seabass, a few scup, we had a lot of ling, including some big ling, and everybody went home with a bag of fillets. We even had a haddock, which is kind of unusual in this area. A much better day than Friday.

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best in 2018. We’ll still be fishing on a weather basis, so stay tuned to our website for details. We are also getting geared up for our winter show schedule- for our first one, come check us out at the Garden State Outdoor Sports Show in Edison, NJ, January 11-14. We’ll also be in Hartford and Suffern later in the season.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon, either on the boat or at a show. Happy 2018!

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