December 10, 2017

“At this time of year, we lose a few scheduled trips to the weather. Not much we can do about it; we have Mother Nature as a business partner, reports Capt. Greg. We fished Monday, Friday, and Saturday with Friday being the best production of the three. Limits every day of the jumbo Black Hawk sea bass, and Friday not only had wonderful flat calm weather but a really good shot of codfish throughout the entire day. Fish to 20 lbs. and plenty of ’em. Saturday’s trip was hampered by the snowstorm, which brought cold freezing sleet and just miserable conditions. We put a trip together; those who stayed at the rails did okay, but quite a few kept seeking the warmth of the heated cabin, along with a cup or two of hot coffee.

Porgies are still thick around certain structures, even though we’re trying not to target them. A lot more draggers were seen outside of us this week in the deeper water; an indication of more activity. Draggers working off the Watch Hill reefs had some good squid the past few weeks. A lot of seals and porpoise around the 900 line and a few whales around the areas we’re actually fishing. Considerable activity overall.

We still plan on fishing Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with weekday trips as the weather permits. As always, be sure to check our website and Facebook for details and updates. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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