August 27, 2017

“Bottom fishing still remains nothing short of excellent,” reports Heather from the BlackHawk office.

Capt. Greg and Capt. Matt has both been concentrating on fishing for the jumbo seabass, and most patrons are having no problem quickly getting their 8 fish limit. These are Jumbo’s, not fish just skimping by the 15-inch size limit. We then switch over to the porgy grounds and go pound the scup. Don’t forget, September 1st, the porgy limit goes from 30 to 45 fish per man. Get ready folks….the best of the fishing is yet to come. Just a reminder, we move the boat over to the picturesque Stonington Village for the winter months starting in November. Block Island is a short ride away and we add some nice codfish to the sea bass and porgy mix. We’re already seeing a few codfish, although mostly shorts, where we’re sea bassing, which is a good sign of things to come.

FYI…. Capt. Matt reports on Friday, a big load of bluefins were slashing all around the BlackHawk on the sea bass grounds. Customers got a bird’s eye view of tuna fish. Matt and the deck hands got a little frustrated tossing diamond jigs to ’em in an attempt to hook up. Effort rating…excellent, Results…not so good. They were only there on the one tide. Friends in other boats went back later to try for them, but they were gone.

Diamond jigging on the bluefish remains very good at times and slow at others. Seems you only get about 2 hours of really decent fishing each tide and then that’s it; done. When they’re biting, you better darn well catch ’em- don’t think it’s gonna last the whole tide. A lot of jumbo sea bass still climbing on the jigs even during the peak times when the blues are really chewing. Those are some brave Sea Bass!

Heather from the office reports that our current fishing schedule now has daily trips leaving at 7am, heading out for bass and blues on Sundays and Mondays and bottom fishing Tuesday through Saturday (except September 14, no open trip that day). Tickets can be purchased online in advance from our website, so check it out and join us soon. As always, check our Facebook page for updated reports, photos and more!