August 20, 2017

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that we had a week of good weather and good fishing. The porgy fishing was very, very good with easy limits of jumbo scup. There are some seabass mixed in with the scup, but most of the time we actually leave that particular scup area and go to another area where it’s mostly seabass and we limited out on most days on those too. Nice fish, over 5 pounds is common. A few fluke involved too. There’s still a lot of bait, a lot of sand eels, a lot of butterfish- the seabass are coming up spewing up butterfish.

As far as the bluefishing, that’s hot and heavy right now in the Race. Both tides, the diamond jigging is very, very good. A lot of bass mixed in with them, and a lot of seabass at times. Some of the customers are requesting some sea clams for bait during the slack when the tide slows down, and they’re clobbering the seabass. Good, steady fishing.

Heather from the office reports that our Cruisin’ for a Cause trip, a special sunset cruise for 15 year old Marik, was a huge success. We’d like to thank Illiano’s Pizza of Niantic for donating pizzas for the trip, and some special families for donating some delicious desserts. Marik is currently battling cancer for the third time, and we’re happy to help his family however we can. Still thinking about our Black Hawk and the Community program, we were happy to drop off a car load of school supplies to Safe Futures (formally the Women’s Center) where they will be distributed to children who are living in their safe houses and shelters, so they will be prepared to start school like their classmates. Thanks for all of your support!

Our schedule remains the same through August- Monday through Friday, 1 trip daily for porgies and seabass, and Saturdays and Sundays, 2 trips daily for bass and blues. This will change in September, when we change to one trip each day, leaving at 7am. Sundays and Mondays will be for bass and blues, and Tuesday through Saturday we’ll head out for porgies and seabass. As always, check out our website and follow our Facebook page for up to date reports and schedules. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

August 13, 2017

“The Montauk-Block Island areas are just teeming with bait, you name it, it’s here. Sand eels, bunker, butterfish, mackerel, etc. The fish have everything they need to stick around and gorge themselves,” reports Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk. Scup, sea bass, and fluke fishing remains excellent. Regulars have no problem getting their limits and filling their coolers. You want to show your kids, or your grandkids, some really hot non-stop action? Well, now is the time to come, before school starts. Don’t have kids? Bring a neighborhood kid and be a hero!

Bait can be seen shimmering on the surface all over and a few threshers were seen busting into them and causing havoc. Capt. Matt took a day off from his Black Hawk duties on Wednesday and went sharking and clobbered a 300 pound thresher from his center console. Good going Matt!

The bluefish have finally arrived in numbers in the Race areas and are providing great fishing on both tides. The half day trips over the weekend were non-stop diamond jigging action with a good mix of striped bass. Long time customer Henry from Vermont, who fishes every week, clobbered the scup Friday with seabass too, then went diamond jigging for blues, bass and seabass for the next three trips. He’s the local northern fisherman, giving away a lot of his fillets to relatives, friends and neighbors. Great job Henry!

Heather from the Black Hawk office reports that we continue to fish every day through August- Monday through Friday we head out at 7am, and Saturdays and Sundays we have two trips, leaving at 6am and 1pm. In September our schedule will change for the bonus porgy season. We have a very special trip heading out on Saturday, August 19, at 7pm. This sunset cruise is a fundraiser for 15 year old Marik from Ledyard, who is fighting cancer for the third time. Join us for this special trip and help raise some money for Marik and his family has he continues his courageous battle. As always, check our website for a full schedule and updated information. Follow our Facebook page for daily fishing reports, photographs, and special trip updates!

August 6, 2017

“Diamond jigging on these bluefish can drive you bananas this year,” reports Capt. Matt of the Black Hawk. One tide it’s red hot with customers loading up, non-stop action, with quite a few bass mixed in and then the next tide it’s almost non-existent. Fortunately, when they refuse to bite, the action on the sea bass makes the trip. A good example: On the Saturday morning trip, it was all you wanted on the blues, with some bass mixed in. On Saturday afternoon, lock-jaw, but switching over to the bottom filled coolers with limits of jumbo sea bass. How do you figure??

The bottom fishing still remains excellent in the Montauk area. Customers are having no problem with limits on both jumbo sea bass, most pushing the 5 lb plus range and mean-monster porgies. A few incidental fluke round out the daily catches. Been a lot of shark activity lately, mixed in on the sea bass grounds. Capt. Greg saw a small mako; 60-80 lbs chasing bait, and Capt. Matt had a thresher thrashing around on the surface. A lot of bait around, including a large quantity of mackerel. We’re even caught quite a few on bare hooks coming up. Speaking of sharks, a sincere congratulation goes out to my long time friend Capt. Chuck of the charter boat Joy-Sea of Montauk. The caught 7- that’s right- 7 Threshers in the Mako-Mania Tournament at Montauk with the one they kept weighing a whopping 581 lbs. Big Money Fish! Contrats Chuckie!!

Heather from the office reports that Saturday evening turned into a beautiful night for our annual sunset cruise fundraiser for the WARM Center in Westerly. A full boat of customers, delicious food, beautiful sunset- we couldn’t have asked for a better night. We’re planning another fundraiser for August 19, this one for a very special young man from Ledyard. Marik is 15 and is fighting cancer for the 3rd time. Join us for a beautiful sunset cruise and help raise funds for Marik and his family. For more information, please see our website and Facebook page. We hope you can join us for a great cause!

We continue to fish daily. Monday through Friday it’s one trip daily at 7am for bottom fishing, Saturdays and Sundays have our two half-day trips for bass and blues. This schedule will continue through August. We have a few dates open at the end of August for private charters, so contact Heather soon to get your group on board. As always, visit our website or check our Facebook page for updates and more info. We look forward to seeing you soon!