January 22, 2017

Capt. Greg shares that one thing about the Black Hawk fishing reports is that they’ll be the honest truth. Good, bad or indifferent, you’ll always get the straight scoop. This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, it was a grind. Ironically, this past midweek was really good. Thursday it was lights out, as good as it gets. Friday Capt. Matt had some great fishing the first couple of hours, then it fell on its face. Every boat out there caught a handful of codfish the remainder of the day. Saturday, with a full boatload of cod fishermen, all the boats went steaming down to the last week’s hot spot, only to find that it wasn’t gonna happen. One head boat came all the way from New Jersey! You can’t make ’em bite! Matt ended up steaming to an offshore wreck where he corralled 25-30 codfish, with a lot of shorts, and a good pile of ling, some of them baseball bat sized. Not the best by any means, but the best for that day. Sunday, he was going back to the same wreck. Tomorrow, Monday, it’s supposed to blow an Easterly gale, so who knows. We’ll keep trying. Many thanks to all of our supporting customers!

Heather from the office reminds everyone that we’re fishing from Stonington. All trips require reservations, so call the office to get a spot. As always, check our website and Facebook page for more info and details.

January 15, 2017

Heather from the Black Hawk office reports that Friday, January 13, saw stiff NW winds that made for less than ideal conditions for drifting, making the fishing a little tough. We put in a lot of overtime to make sure everyone came home with some cod. Saturday was a different story, a perfect weather day with ideal drifting conditions, which resulted in much better fishing than Friday. Minutes into the first drift there were double headers coming over the rails. The trip remained a steady pick all day with everyone going home with cod in their coolers. Stay tuned to Facebook for updates and reports.

We’ll continue to fish on Saturdays and Sundays, with some weekday trips when we can, all leaving from Stonington at 5:00 am. As usual, these trips are all weather dependent, and reservations are required. Call the office at 860-448-3662 to grab a spot on board.

January 8, 2017

Capt. Greg from the Black Hawk reports that we only got one day in last week, Monday, January 2. It was kind of a pick all day, so we put in a little extra time and they bit pretty good at the end. We were scheduled to go on Friday and Saturday, but the snowstorm kind of nixed that.

We’ll plan on fishing this weekend with the holiday weekend, leaving from Stonington. Reservations are required as space is limited, so give us a call at 860-448-3662 to grab your spot on board. As always, stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Twitter for updates and schedules. From the entire Black Hawk crew, we wish everyone a very happy new year!