September 11, 2016

After a picture perfect summer, with just wonderful weather, it was tough to lose 4 full days to the tropical storm, but that’s what happened.  We were all concerned about how the fishing would be in Hermine’s aftermath, but things were back to normal starting on Thursday when we resumed.  Porgy and seabass fishing remains good- some days more of one than the other.  Saturday’s trip was excellent on the porgies, with the usual sharpies having no problem limiting out on the seabass.  Some bluefish, striped bass, and even a few codfish are coming over the rails as well.

Sunday was our first bluefishing trip since the storm.  We weren’t sure how it was going to be- the bluefishing was great before the storm, and we were hoping it would pick up where it left off.  We ended up being hampered by stiff southwesterly winds, which limited where we could go.  We started off fishing in Plum Gut, and stayed as long as we could.  We then headed over to Pigeon Rip.  The fish at Plum Gut were gigantic, the fish in Pigeon Rip were smaller- although there were more of ’em.  We will continue to bluefish on Sundays and Mondays.

Heather from the office reminds everyone of our schedule: Tuesday through Saturday we’re bottom fishing for the porgies and seabass, and Sundays and Mondays we’re diamond jigging for the blues and bass.  Take note there is no trip on Thursday, September 15 and Friday September 30.  Check our website for a full schedule.

In September, we’re collecting cleaning supplies for our Black Hawk and the Community Program, to be used by the MASH Shelter as they prepare housing for new families.  Our boxes of school supplies have been shipped down to Baton Rouge- thank you for your generous donations!  We hope to see everyone soon!

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